It has disappeared from my list and on my news feed. When you have a thread that has a conversation made up of hundreds of comments it is nearly impossible to follow the sequence of the discussion if the comments do not appear in chronological least for the way I use Facebook. I will absolutely use it a lot less if they leave it as it is. Readers are a little different like that i believe. Imagine finding a thread with hundreds of comments and trying to figure out what people were saying to each other when they are not in a chronological sequence. Hope page owners still have the ability to elect to turn the behavior off or it will kill comments on pages. Because now I know my comments will be buried under those which already have lots of likes. Several social groups I follow have been beset with issues of trolling and taunting and outright suggestive violence since threaded commenting came on for them. You have iframes disabled or your browser does not support them.Before You Go
Posted by Bling King Feb 25th 2012
Category: Poetry
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Believe me it’s me and before you go remember what I told you about moving to slow. You should have sped up you should have moved quick the faster you move the more life’s a trip. The more life’s a trip the more you move fast and after it all you can never go back. I loved life myself. I had to go through with my head in the clouds and my self on the move. I thought I would get there I just didn’t dam know that the faster you went the faster it’d go. You should have slowed down you should have done more for you you should have taken back the things that you do and went forward more slowly on the longer dam ride and believed me I know it we both friggen tried to enjoy it but the harder we tried the faster it went and we both kinda lied if we thought we where getting to where we getting to. So if you ever did get there please let me know. If I got there the answer is a big F’n no I got basically to where everyone go. The end of the end the place they call death and I knew when I got there like everyone says you could have done if differently and if you F’n knew you probably would have done it differently too. Together we made it though through all the past together we made it let’s neither look back. I wouldn’t look back cause I know what I’ll do have as many regrets as as many of you. If you say no regrets to this very day I would honestly say I’m completely dismayed. I have had so many regrets and as much as that is my life’s going on and I’m only in my 30’s still yet.


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